Midterm2key_005 - Name(Last First Student ID BILD 2 Winter...

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Name (Last, First): _______________________________ Student ID #: ________________________ BILD 2 Winter 2009 Midterm #2
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Name (Last, First): _______________________________ Student ID #: ________________________ SECTION ONE: Each response is worth 1 point. This section is worth 30 points total. 1) __ Tendons __________ connect bones to muscles, while __ ligaments ____ connect bones to other bones, especially at joints. 2) (TRUE or FALSE ) Multicellular organisms were the first types of organisms that could sense and respond to extracellular signals. 3) ( TRUE or FALSE) In humans, meiosis does not occur in all types of body cells. 4) _ Endorphins _ released in the brain are responsible for the phenomenon known as “runners’ high”. __ opiate _ drugs bind to the same receptors as are used by these neurotransmitters, and cause similar, but stronger effects. 5) The __ acrosome __ contains enzymes that help the sperm penetrate the egg. 6) Follicles develop in the woman’s __ ovaries __. 7) _ Androgens __ are male sex hormones required for development of male secondary sex characteristics. They are produced in the __ testes __ (endocrine gland). 8) Action potentials originate at the ___ axon hillock __ , travel down axons, and terminate at ___ a synaptic terminal ___. 9) _ Glia _ cells support and nourish neurons. 10) Mechanoreceptor cells in the human inner ear are known as ___ hair cells _ . Those that are used for hearing sounds are contained in an organ called __ Organ of Corti __. 11) The so called “fight or flight” response is triggered by activation of the __ sympathetic __ division of the autonomic nervous system, and this leads to _ increased heart rate, etc .__ (one specific physiological response). When we need to “rest and digest”, the __ parasympathetic _ division of the autonomic nervous system is activated. 12) The olfactory receptors that bind to specific odorant molecules belong to a specific class of transmembrane protein receptors called _ G-protein coupled receptors __. They are named this because they communicate directly with intracellular signal transduction proteins called _ G proteins _. 13) __ Schwann cells __ wrap axons of neurons in the PNS with insulating __ myelin __ sheaths. Action potentials do not travel smoothly down these axons; instead they jump from one __ Node of Ranvier __ to the next. 14) Photoreceptors in human retina come in two forms. The __ cones __ are responsible for color and bright light vision whereas the __ rods ___ are responsible for vision in dim light conditions. 15) A transcription factor is a protein that binds to specific sequences in ___ DNA ___. 16) The region of the human brain that is responsible for coordinating movement and balance is the
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Midterm2key_005 - Name(Last First Student ID BILD 2 Winter...

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