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Regrades Reasons - is still a type of chemical synapse I...

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Parth Karia A93061846 BILD 2 Regrade Requests #16: I put “diencephalon (hypothalamus)” for the second fill in the blank. The book states in a lot of places that the hypothalamus is responsible for a lot of homeostatic functions such as breathing which is why I put that as my answer for that question. #18: I know I messed up the pathway of chemical synapse with LTP pathway but LTP pathway
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Unformatted text preview: is still a type of chemical synapse. I think I should have been given some partial credit for still answering the question thinking it was the LTP pathway because I got confused LTP pathway as a chemical synapse. #24: The key states that 4 points should be awarded if we mention potassium leak channels. I did mention that but I was still only awarded 3 points....
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