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✹❏◆ are at your graduation dinner. Your best friend or favorite relative stands up and talks about our five most significant strengths that contributed to your successful graduation from college. What do you think they are? I think that my five most significant strengths are being outgoing, being eager and motivated to learn, being flexible and reliable, optimistic, and sincere. o I am outgoing and I speak my mind about how I feel, some people might say that is a weakness, but I embrace it and use it! o I am eager and motivated to learn because you can never experience too much. I’m always open to new ideas and new ways to get a job done. I’m not one to sit back and let others do the work for me. o I am flexible and reliable because no matter what time of the day or not you can find me! I’m always there for my friends, and my job. I’ll drive halfway across town to bring you a cup of coffee to help you out. I’ll also work 12 hours of overtime if we are short and needing to get a job done. o
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