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If I were an instructor, I would say to the student: I have found out that you plagiarized the WHOLE document that you submitted! This is very wrong, and very unethical! I cannot accept this document, so you will have to redo the assignment, and a long with it I need a 200 word essay on why plagiarism is wrong and unethical turned into me by tomorrow afternoon. Plagiarizing is a very grave offense and is even illegal, so don’t let this happen again. Plagiarizing is stealing someone’s work that they worked very hard on and not giving the original author credit. Dishonesty is not tolerated in our school, as you should know. If I think you’re doing this intentionally then
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Unformatted text preview: Ill have to assume you are doing other dishonest things such as cheating, fabricating citations or quotes in other academic papers, sabotaging other students work by not making them late to class, ruining their projects, etc., and deceiving me and the rest of your class about why you have done such an offense. This is your first offense, thats why Im letting you redo it along with the other essay. I know it is such a short deadline, but if you wouldnt have plagiarized I wouldnt have had to make you redo it. I hope to not find any other dishonest work from you, so please try and be original and creative....
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