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CheckPoint - helps with time management The option to...

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I think that it is wonderful that Axia College offers such technological tools right on the student website. It helps me a lot being able to hear the digital stories and being able to read the script from which they read it from. The tutorials are also great. I haven’t gotten the chance to use them whole heartedly yet, but I keep waiting for the perfect opportunity. The fact that a student doesn’t have to go out and find all this information or lug around 15 pound books helps out the motivation of a student a lot, I think. Being able to just log on and find what you’re looking for in the same place each time really
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Unformatted text preview: helps with time management. The option to download the appendixes in an audio format doesn’t necessarily improve the quality of my educational experience because I like reading it as well as watching it. The fact that I can do both helps tremendously! It does make learning more convenient for me because I can stop watching it and come back to it later, unlike a lecture in a classroom. It is helping me realize that there are many different ways to learn, unlike a traditional school where you just get all of your resources in the class room. It is something that I use, and will continue using because it is so easy!...
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