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Mom: How are those courses going for you at that one school? Me: You mean Axia College? They are GREAT! I love how easy it is to communicate with my instructors and my class mates! We don’t even have to log on at the same time like I thought we would. Mom: Then how do you get credit? Me: We just have to log on at least three times a week and post our assignments, we have to reply to our other classmates questions or posts from the forums two separate times in our threaded discussions . Our class weeks run Monday through Sunday. Mom: What’s a forum ? And what in the world is a threaded discussion ? Me: A forum is like a chat room. We all log on and we can view each other’s posts, and we talk that way, but not at the same time. It’s called “ asynchronous communication ”. A threaded discussion is just a forum set up. It is exactly like how you and I are having a conversation right now, except during class we’re having it at different times, and places, but we can still see everything people say. There are
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Unformatted text preview: several main posts that we go off of with our own thoughts, questions, facts, and statements. Mom: That’s so neat! Maybe I should look into going to that school! It sounds really neat. Where do your instructors come in? Me: We just turn in our assignments in our individual forums and we receive feedback from the instructors. I love it! It is so much better than having to go into a small class room and sit in a chair and listen to the teacher go on and on. Mom: What about books? Me: We don’t have books, which is also a HUGE plus! All of our course information and materials are online! Mom: I’m so proud of you. You even sound like you are enjoying this, Katie! Just what you need! Me: Thanks, Mom! It makes me feel so good that you are really proud of me. Now if only my silly little sister would get her head on straight! Both: * laughter*...
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