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Unformatted text preview: CS51 Project 2b: Rolling Down the Hill Due: Friday, April 17th 2009 at 4:59 PM Total Points: 51 (including 10 style points) 1 Assignment Overview In this portion of the project you will use least-squares to estimate properties of a graph and make decisions based upon those estimates. “Powerups” fall from the sky following some probability distribution and have a size property dependent on the node they appear at – it is up to you to collect as many large powerups as possible over a short period of time. 2 Solutions For Project 2a The code you wrote for finding the shortest path between two nodes in the graph may be helpful for the final section of this assignment. If you would like to look at our solution for Dijkstra’s algorithm, you can find it in the file “”, which we will make available on the website. This version is included by default in scheme file, however, we encourage you to use your old code! 3 Introduction to the World Again we have given you some code to initialize an engine with the game rules for this week. If you run proj2b.scm after downloading it you should see a graph appear with several agents. The yellow agent represents the agent you will write code for. The other agents are “powerups” that appear on the graph and wait for several turns or until they are picked up by an agent before disappearing. After some time they will reappear again at a random node. (The fact that they “fly” onto the graph is purely aesthetic – your agent cannot detect them until they arrive at a node on the graph). Powerups appear with some probability distribution over the nodes in the graph. Each node stores the size of the last powerup that appeared at that node and a number alpha. 1 4 LEAST SQUARES CS51 Project 2b: Rolling Down the Hill When a new powerup appears at that node, the new powerup will be the size of the last powerup at that node plus alpha, with some random variation. Your job will be to create an agent that can observe the graph over time and estimate both the alpha values and the probability that a powerup will fall at each node. Using this information, your agent will attempt to maximize the total size of the powerups it picks up while minimizing the number that it does not collect in time....
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proj2b.dist - CS51 Project 2b: Rolling Down the Hill Due:...

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