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CS3530-final-quiz - cs m 35w Owl-fling spam Quiz s new...

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Unformatted text preview: cs m 35w Owl-fling spam Quiz s new completed Ihis exam wimmn hclpurcoflnbonlian in... my me. penal! I rm m used my wits m (:er rem-me. Hdgmon mnbmmnre-em an April 21.30 (our m1 clmdly .5 April 27), Fluxemmlmymm . Vaumuymma: menmmnAyru 2| ar22ln mviewyuurrnm IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION5: Child mud (In-ed mu. m ml: pmblrm per page can ulln‘mlldreHippumtmflhppaanlhchldé. sdnmerepwdmmnm u. m. 1.; m. .u .d an .r.‘ m... M xhhgyvnll r Inn .pm m m: "We. mum m /43 L3 2 x 2.2 2: 2.4 m x. z. z. «.1 n2 5; 52 v." mun pm: “mere muyn-unulx A... mm-nnhsp'munkuoflxmilennwfln‘ nuwmlJiflfllW 5 my; m luau 4mm m mm. m lulluw Incl: "mg m' (I) um - dngm for a raw-Assume came, I: ha; 123mm a! mow, Zmegalmes M an». and 1x mm am She, mm. the flu ofloalllym rewauon no tame. mlsmamngemwlmmluimn with, czarexoeesume = Ens, mmwuvess me A sons, name rm rile e 95% u wm rs me dnrerende menu a ‘Wzal and vhfim‘ flames“ mun mm ‘5 me"! try “landing" Exnlmn mam: anmg mum Inmmll m: meml mmmwn. a7 (9) mm: a mm mm mum mnsladm m a loglal addressm : m‘nl nurse In a ram»! memy Wm. WM Is a me me? When Is a mmvauon Mend: Mer ms) and why Isitneeded? (to) fix me Mlawlm mean. at page Merennes, m we Leda Rfllm Um my: nprawnenx algwimm m aemmme me number or page launs (srmem nas 4 names no am 91961"), Ismezzzmsnss u niadr-m a file mmmnm (Fm for: m mcmlnsone me. TMMI: has lnvee \mm emu-e rn me in palm” tn 3 dunersueed rurme Ne. (w; Disksduzdu‘m . compare (mm oiagrams, and Incoming me new need rnwenuemr we FCFS (an me first Served) mi xnedum war me 5:? (games: Sufi nnre rm) [or me MM": sequence Mdlsk reams ml .re queue Iur m: dlsk: swung at so: «51,917.32, 9n, so, 51. e , u m speedup mum be abn‘ned Mm m awn-am max is 95% wave, on a rum-me mm no humans? ror the same game m 51, what is me ha‘anc: pom .w (15)wme e srnulmvd mmd program that hasa mam program and one dese, m mam mam creates . slngle dm nern rurneo n-redm unregu— unmanned m 1) ma 5 shared, and suns doe mud. 1h: mad prim: a We in the screen “mvad his snned', and men Mitts m mes Elm ineradm me mread mumwee the vulva mauredxnm z, mr‘ng me 75¢!be m smudm. u ...
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