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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 19 Climate Change and Ozone Depletion Summary 1. The earths average surface temperature and climate has changed in the past. The changes include prolonged periods of global cooling and global warming. 2. There is a natural greenhouse effect in the earths atmosphere caused by the presence of gases that trap long- wave radiation (water, CO 2 , and others). Human emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrogen oxide increase the concentrations of greenhouse gases and cause additional warming of the earths surface. 3. Factors influencing changes of earths average surface temperature include changes in the solar output, the earths reflectivity, the ability of oceans and land ecosystems to store carbon dioxide, the ocean currents, the average sea level, cloud cover, and air pollution. 4. Possible effects from a warmer earth include shifts in plant-growing areas, crop yields and pests, extinction of some species, loss of habitats, prolonged heat waves and droughts, increased flooding, changes in water...
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