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Chapter 24 Politics, Environment, and Sustainability Summary 1. In this century, we have increased concern about human activities and the harmful effects on biodiversity, shifted from local to regional and global concerns, focused on climate change, become aware of pollution in developing countries, increased concern about trace amounts of some chemicals, and are starting to rely more on our international community to deal with environmental problems. 2. Democracies are governments in which people elect officials and representatives who pass laws, develop budgets, and formulate regulations. Democracies are designed to deal mostly with short-term, isolated problems and are not always efficient when dealing with environmental problems. 3. Environmental policy in the United States is made through: persuasion of lawmakers that an environmental problem exists, influence on how the laws are written, finding funds to implement and enforce each law,
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Unformatted text preview: drawing up regulations for implementing each law by the appropriate government department, and the enforcement of these regulations. 4. Environmental groups range from small grassroots groups to major global organizations. Their roles include monitoring environmental activities, working to pass and strengthen environmental law, and working with corporations to find solutions to problems. Opponents of these groups include some corporate leaders, some corporations, and some citizens. 5. There are currently environmental protection agencies in 115 countries, over 500 international environmental treaties and agreements, UNEP to negotiate and monitor international environmental treaties, Rio Earth Summit, and Johannesburg Earth Summit. These can be improved by monitoring and evaluating effectiveness....
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