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Chapter 25 Environmental Worldviews, Ethics, and Sustainability Summary 1. The planetary management worldview is the human-centered environmental worldview that guides most industrial societies. This worldview has as a key component the idea that humans are the most important species and that the earth should be managed for our benefit. Variations include the no-problems school, the free-market school, the responsible planetary management school, the spaceship school, and the stewardship school. 2. Life-centered and earth-centered worldviews include environmental wisdom worldview, species centered,
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Unformatted text preview: biosphere centered, and ecosystem centered. All of these worldviews have far less emphasis on management for human benefit alone and all are far less human-centered. 3. Education is an important component of living sustainably. Education includes understanding ecosystems, developing environmental literacy, and viewing the earth as a complex, interconnected system. 4. We can live sustainably through pollution prevention, waste prevention, species protection, and environmental restoration....
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