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2101 syllabus,su_09 - ACCT 2101 ACCOUNTING I: FINANCIAL...

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ACCT 2101 ACCOUNTING I: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING Summer 2009 INSTRUCTOR: Professor Arnold Schneider OFFICE: 442 COM Bldg. PHONE: 404-894-4907 E-MAIL: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: Tu & Th, 1-2 REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS: , McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 1st edition, 2009. Schneider, A., Illustrative Financial Statement Extracts , Kendall/Hunt, 2 nd edition, 2009. COURSE OBJECTIVES: ACCT 2101 is an introduction to financial accounting. The objectives are to be able to understand and construct financial statements for business organizations. Also, the accounting scandals in recent years have highlighted the issue of ethics in financial reporting, so another objective of the course will be to cover these ethical issues. The Financial Accounting textbook as well as information from lectures will cover financial reporting concepts together with related exercises and problems, while Illustrative Financial Statement Extracts will be used to show and discuss real world examples of financial reporting. You should bring both of these books to each class. EVALUATION: 2 Midterm Exams (30% each) 60% Ethics Problems (best 5 of 6) 5% Paper on Ethics in Financial Reporting 5% Final Exam 30% 100% EXAMS: The exams will be open book and open notes. However, no electronic devices are permitted except for calculators that will be supplied. Sharing of materials during the exams will not be permitted. The exams will largely (but not exclusively) be oriented towards problem-solving. The key to learning the subject matter is to practice doing problems. To do well on the exams, you must be
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This note was uploaded on 07/26/2009 for the course ACCT 2101 taught by Professor Turner during the Summer '08 term at Georgia Tech.

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2101 syllabus,su_09 - ACCT 2101 ACCOUNTING I: FINANCIAL...

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