Lecture W 5-6

Lecture W 5-6 - Lecture W 5/6 1. Reuniting China o C.600...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture W 5/6 1. Reuniting China o C.600 Sui Emperor (a northern general) General Sui was from old military family, unified the empire of the newly unified How do you protect yourself from your own army? He did last very long. Overthrown by his own army o 618-c.900 Tang Dynasty (another general) Early Tang 618-c.750 Late Tang c.750-c.900 o Sui Projects (with forced labor) Additional 220 miles to the Great Wall Grain Warehouses Set up a system of canal & road system, especially to more/transport food The Grand Canal: more than 1000 miles Linking the Yellow River (N) and Yangtze River (S) Drafted more than 3 million Chinese laborers, would killed them if they tried to get out of it Connected the north and south like never before Flowed 2 directions Reputation of bad general o Chang-an city plan Quadrupled the size of the city and took advantage of the expansion to do some urban planning laid out the great avenues at certain intervals Very symmetrical plan, has canals intersect into the market place Walled and gated community Very systemic, grand vision, in making capital city o The Imperial Palace Developed a determination to conquer Korea, tried 3 times, failed all 3 times Some people decided that he didn't had heaven's mandate because he kept loosing General Li rebelled and plotted against him Various possible candidates who are hoping he will be the next emperor o Sui emperor c.600 o Li Shih-min becomes Taizong (Tai-tsung) - 7th century Killed all his brothers sons, so that they would become heirs Sends to kills anyone who might possibly be the emperor...
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Lecture W 5-6 - Lecture W 5/6 1. Reuniting China o C.600...

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