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Lecture F 4-10 - Lecture F 4/10 1 Syncretism o blending of...

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Lecture F 4/10 1. Syncretism : o blending of ideas from different cultures, just as Hellenistic culture; getting together by pieces of different cultures o Pagan altars become Christian altars o Pagan practices become Christian practices Burning incense Putting flowers Lighting lamps It became part of practice because of familiarity and daily use o Pagan holidays become Christian holidays Carrying images of the god Shrines Became apart of Christian culture calendar Seven weeks after Easter, flower festival, dropping flower petals o As Christianity was converting people, it was also being "shaped" and "adapted" to/from the people 2. orthodoxy [=“right belief”] vs heresy [your wrong] 3. Practical issues : o *What are the KEY practical issues we should focus on? o Aggreed that Jesus was the Messiah o e.g. what role for women ? o e.g. is marriage between a Christian and non-Christian valid? If you're a believer you shouldn’t marry a non-believer o e.g. can priests marry? Some said yes, some said no, still differs today o Who has the authority to teach these practices? o Women should not speak in public. Women should be silent in the churches (wherever you have a gathering of Christians). o There is no longer male and female, we are all o Mary Mag, is the first to "meet" Jesus at the tomb o A convent of nuns, want a women to preach? 4. Theological issues o Does Jesus have one nature ( monophysite ) or two? i.e. can he be both divine and human, or only one or the other? Did he always exist? Is he the same stuff or something else? Monophsyite = one nature Large areas, ie. Egypt Some people say she's got to be both Began dueling and killing each toher Bishop of ? Endorsed Bishop of ? Didn't endorse
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When a council of bishops got together majority agreed with the duel nature Pope, the head guy, was a monophsyite Bishop name Aorias, thouhgt it was a human was the mother of god God is the parne tof divine jesus Excommunicated from the church *Questioned: who has authority here? First christian group in China What is the relationship between us and God? Bishop named Aries When the first emperor (cturned hristian), baptized as and arian In 2 years, 3000 christians died in this fight--christiain kiled by other christians Romans didnt kill as many ever If one commits sin, how can he do anything rightoues ? They were members of the wealthy family o If Jesus is God, is this a new god or the same as the Jewish God? o If Jesus is both human and divine, is Mary the mother of God, or only the mother of the human Jesus? i.e. is it appropriate to worship Mary? ( Nestorians say no) o Can Jesus be the son of God and be God at the same time? i.e. is the trinity 3 ( Arian ) or 1 (Athanasian) ? “consubstantial and coeternal” o ???Agurments about what to believes. He declared what became orthodox orthodoxy [=“right belief”] vs heresy [your wrong]
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Lecture F 4-10 - Lecture F 4/10 1 Syncretism o blending of...

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