Lecture F 5-8

Lecture F 5-8 - Lecture F 5/8 1. Tang women o First placed...

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Lecture F 5/8 1. Tang women o First placed the baby o Announce the birth o Reading: the book of songs, A women's needs. .a women's duty is not too control and take charge, when she is young she must omit to her parents, when she is married she must omit to her husbamd o Provokd the order of wmoen The thing that provekd this order, was th only emperor of China: Emperor Wu 2. Emperor Wu (624-705) o Claim for herself the title of Emperor (before the was a womaen who child was the emepeor, and ruled for him and did not claim) o Woman are suppose to be submissive to men o How did she manage to become Emperor? o Emperor Wu's Life [Don’t copy this slide]: Age 14-25 concubine of Emperor Tai-tsung/ Taizong At his death, => a Buddhist nun (briefly) Then, concubine (not legally your wife, your whore) of Emperor Kao- tsung /Gaozong; bore 2 sons. Accusation of incest Son calls her back There was tremendous tension of question of power She marries him so she can have At age 30 => Emperor's wife She wrote a report to her husband about how to be a emperor Power Emperor vs. Ministers Wanted to enhance the Emperor's power Promote lowly officials who did not have aristocratic ties/they own agenda At age 60, a widow, exiled her 1st son, => regent for 2d son When he was sick, he felt secure leaving it in here hands They essentially ruled together When Emperor Tai-tsung died, he left a stipulation in his will: If a big problem arises the empress would decide how to deal with When the son creates a problem, she took over The second son was trained to become emperor, but she didn't let him, she successfully convinced the ministers to let her rule. He placed him as a regent, decides that in fact she is the
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Lecture F 5-8 - Lecture F 5/8 1. Tang women o First placed...

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