Lecture W 4-1

Lecture W 4-1 - o Increasing disparity between rich and...

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Lecture W 4/1 1. Roman history -- 3 phases: o kings c.700 B.C.- c.500 B.C. (end of kings: Tarquin, Lucretia, Brutus) o republic c.500 B.C.- 45 B.C. wars with Carthage, expansion of territory civil war 45 -31 B.C. o emperors 31 B.C. – 2. Alexander’s empire: the Hellenistic world c.300 B.C. 3. Government of the Roman Republic (c.500 B.C.-) o 2 consuls (cf U.S. president, British Prime Minister) o Senate (cf U.S. Senate, British House of Lords) o Assembly (cf U.S. House of Representatives, British House of Commons) 4. Rome vs Carthage 5. Scipio “Africanus” vs Hannibal (c. 200 B.C.) 6. How did expansion change life in Rome? o Increasing wealth (plunder, tribute, trade) o Increasing multiculturalism (races, religions, customs) o Increasing number of slaves (large farms with slave labor)
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Unformatted text preview: o Increasing disparity between rich and poor o Increasing class conflict and internal hostilities o Loss of faith in / respect for/ the Senate 7. 1 st century B.C. the struggle for power within Rome o Consuls: Pompey & Julius (50s B.C.) o Julius Caesar (Caesar = title, not name; = czar, kaiser) crossing the Rubicon assassinated after 5 yrs o Civil war: Octavian vs Senators (Brutus) o Octavian =Augustus (Augustus = title = supreme) 31 B.C.- o bread and circuses o ruled for 45 yrs 8. Augustuss policies o Patriotism (serve in the army) o Piety (official religion, deified emperor) o Family (marry & have sons for army)...
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Lecture W 4-1 - o Increasing disparity between rich and...

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