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Lecture W 4-8 - Lecture W 4/8 Paul 1 Paul wants to preach...

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Lecture W 4/8 Paul: 1. Paul wants to preach the gentile and doesn’t want them to follow all the Jewish rules in order to get a message through religion. Laws used to be important but they are not important any longer. 2. Paul is seen as the founder of h 3. In major cities, there was a kind of leader = bishop (greek=shepard) o Make sure that the people are hearing and discussing the message of the lord o Some kind of coherence of belief o These bishops did not necessailry believe in each other o Believed and practiced in different ways o No institutional structure of religion o Biships of Rome (follwers of peter) believed they should be the head of the chruch (i.e. call them "father" or "pope") o Jesruelem is surely the center of the religion o Constantinople had bishop o Alexandria had bishop 4. No institutional way 5. Blended with local customs and ideas 6. Intentional use of reference to local things, when Paul goes to Athens, the Athenian customs "adapted" to "Christian customs" o Faith vs. works [a new contract]: faith is more important now; works can mean ritual practices, circumcision, and anything you do. Paul’s notion is there’s nothing we can do to save ourselves. If we could save ourselves, we wouldn’t need a savior. o Grace vs. law [a new era]: Jewish laws are not only unnecessary, but also bad. Does not mean you can do anything you please. o Spirit vs. flesh [the “new” man vs. the “old”]: Do not use your liberty as an opportunity for the flesh; opposition b/t the body and the soul. What the spirit desires oppose the flesh, vice versa. If the spirit leads you, you are not subject by the law. Spirit and flesh at war with each other, can’t be with harmony with yourself. Flesh wants bad stuff for your spirit; it wants to eat, drink, sex, etc; bad for you.; not a Jewish motion. They don’t see anything wrong with it. The notion is that the acts of the flesh are bad. What belongs
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to the flesh opposes to the spirit; you have to be at war with yourself all the time. The new era = obey laws, new era = no longer obey laws because now we have faith. o Allegorical vs. literal or historical reading of OT: reinterpreting the Hebrew bible, not to be read literally but instead symbolically. Only Christians can see what that true meaning is, Jews are misreading their own bible. o Free vs. slave : slave woman = Jews. They are slaves because they are in bondage of the law; need to follow it. But children of the free are Christians. For Jews, law = a way to guide them to please God. Giving Judaism a negative value, they are slaves, but the Christians are free. Jews don’t know how to read the bible, Christians know how to and can extract the true meaning of it. o
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Lecture W 4-8 - Lecture W 4/8 Paul 1 Paul wants to preach...

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