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BISC 120L Syllabus 2008 MWF

BISC 120L Syllabus 2008 MWF - BISC 120Lg Lecture Syllabus...

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BISC 120Lg Lecture Syllabus, Fall 2008 General Biology: Organismal Biology and Evolution Overview: This 4-unit biology course will present several key topics in evolution, ecology, environment, and the diversity of life. These topics will be covered in a series of weekly lectures (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week) and one weekly laboratory section. Faculty Instructors: Dr. Suzanne Edmands, AHF 316, 213-740-5548, [email protected] Dr. Donal Manahan, AHF 210, 213-740-5793, [email protected] Dr. Eric Webb, AHF 331, 213-740-7954, [email protected] Master Instructor: Dr. Cornelius Sullivan, AHF 107c, 213-740-6712, [email protected] Lab Director: Gorjana Bezmalinovic, ZHS 362, 213-740-6078, [email protected] Textbooks: Lecture Campbell & Reece (2008). Biology. 8 th ed. ISBN-10: 0321543254, ISBN-13: 978-0321543257 Laboratory Van de Graaff & Crawley (2005). A Photographic Atlas for the Biology Laboratory, Revised 5 th ed., ISBN: 0895826844 Lum, Shakhbandaryan & Halchak (2008). General Biology Laboratory Manual BISC 120 & BISC 121 FALL 2008. ISBN-10: 0495838934 Website: https://blackboard.usc.edu/ (site for course materials, lecture notes, quizzes, additional readings, grades etc.) Lecture times: M, W, F 9-9:50am THH 101 (=13004R), M, W, F 10-10:50am THH 101 (=13005R) Laboratory times: Various times in ZHS 361, 363, 365 Office Hours: Edmands: Monday, 11am to 12pm and Wednesday, 3pm to 4pm. Manahan: Monday, 11:30am to 12:30pm and Wednesday, 11:30am to 12:30pm. Webb : Monday, 11am to 12pm and Wednesday, 11am to 12pm. Sullivan: Monday: 12-2pm, Tuesday: 10-11:30am, Wednesday: 1:30-3:30pm or by appointment via e-mail at [email protected] Exams: The lecture portion of this course will include three mid-term examinations and a comprehensive final examination. All examinations (mid-terms and final) may include multiple choice questions, fill-in answers, short answers, short and long essays, definitions, and quantitative problems. The final examination will include material composed of questions that integrate concepts developed throughout the course, both in the lecture and the laboratory portions. Students must take at least two mid-term lecture examinations and the final examination to complete the course and complete at least 75% of the assigned weekly laboratory activities. There will also be 12 multiple choice quizzes to be completed on Blackboard (https://blackboard.usc.edu/ ) during the course. Examinations completed by students may be photocopied by the instructional staff. Grading: After each examination, point-grades will be released. There is no fixed number for a specific set of grade-points (“absolute score”) that will result in grades that earn an A, B, or C etc. The final grades will be assigned on a curve, determined by the total number of points 1
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earned (mid-term, final and laboratory portions of the course). The point system will total 650 points, as follows: Midterm 1 Lecture Examination 100 pts Midterm 2 Lecture Examination 100 pts Midterm 3 Lecture Examination 100 pts 10 5-pt quizzes (12 quizzes given, lowest two scores dropped) 50 pts Final Lecture Examination 100 pts Laboratory Reports and Examinations 200 pts Laboratory scores will be normalized as explained in the laboratory syllabus in order to correct for possible differences in grading between teaching assistants (TAs).
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BISC 120L Syllabus 2008 MWF - BISC 120Lg Lecture Syllabus...

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