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Unformatted text preview: er (a) atop New Hampshire's Mount Washington, 1900 m above sea level, and (b) in Death Valle~, Cal~ornia, 86 m below sea level. Take the zero of potential energy at sea level. = = same. Problem 8. The top of the volcano Haleakala on Maui, Hawaii, is 3050 m above sea level and 18 km inland from the sea. By how much does your gravitational potential energy change as you come down from the mountain~top observatory to swim in the ocean? Assume your mass is 75 kg. Solution U(sea level) - U(mt. top) = -mgh= (9.8 mjs2)(3050 m) = -2.24 MJ. -(75 kg) x Solution If we define the zero of potential energy to;lbeat zero altitude (y= 0), then U(O) = 0, and Equation 8-3 (for the gravitational potentia! energy nea; the surface ofthe Earth, lyl 6370 kIn) gives U(y) ~ U(O) = U(y) = mg(y - 0) = mgy. Therefore, (a) ~(1900 m) = (70x9.8 N)(1900 m) = 1.30 MJ, and (b) U{-86 m) = (70x9.8 N)( -86 m) -59.0 kJ. .. = Problem 6. An incline makes an angle 0 with the hOrizontal. Find the gravitational potential energy !lssociated w...
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