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Unformatted text preview: ction back to the left in Fig. 8-34. Thus, YA = YD, and from the figure, we estimate that XD is about 11 m. J2(9.8 m/s2)(3.8 "jljdmum compression is y, as shown, and we gravitational potential energy from the lowest 'then the conservation of energy between . -and B requires that mg(h + y) = !ky2. The icformula can be used to find y (mg / k) x '.' 2khjmg). Only positive values of yare ymeaningful in this problem, because the inot compressed unless y > O. = Problem 39. A particle slides back and forth on a frictionless track whose height as a function of horizontal position x is given by y ax2, where a = 1 If the particle's 0.92 mmaximum speed is 8.5 mis, find the turning points of its motion. A = I h L .~kB . FIGURE 8-33 Problem 37 Solution. Solution With noJriction, the only forces acting are gravity, a conservative.force with potential energy U = mgy above a reference level at y = 0, and the normal contact force of the track. Although the latter is nonconservative, it is always perpe...
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