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645xlo 27 kg find the energy released in this

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Unformatted text preview: . is converted to energy, according to Einstein's equation: E = b.me? = (2x3.344 - 6.645) x10-27 kgx(3x 108 mjs)2 = 3.87x10-12 J. n hue it crosses the sticky patch, the bug loses AcE = Wnc = -P,kmg (1.5 cm). The initial ibfthe bug is Eo = mg(ll em) (measured above' ,ttom). Since Eo/ ILlEI = (11 cm)/(0.61) x Ii )= 12.02, the bug wUljust barely complete crossings. . Problem 63. A hypothetical power plant converts matter entirely into electrical energy. Each year, a worker at the plant buys a box of I-g raisins, and each day drops one raisin into the plant's energy conversion unit. Estimate the average power output of the plant, and compare with a 500-MW coal-burning plant that consumes a lOD-car trainload of coal every 3 days. Solution The energy equivalent of 1 g of mass is me?, so the power generated in one day is (10-3 kg) x (3x 108 m/s)2/(86,400 s) = 1.04 GW, or approximately twice the output of a 50D-MW coal-burning plant. Thus, the mass-energy of one raisin is equivalent to the chemical energy (times the .overall e...
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