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8 46 if it starts from rest at the top of the track

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Unformatted text preview: center of the track to the particle makes a 45 angle, as shown. m '1. L~ nGU~ ~44 P<obrem.~ ~lution endulum consisting of a mass m on a string of h ,f is pulled back so the string is horizontal, ~hownin Fig. 8-45. The pendulum is then ~ed. Find (a) the speed of the mass and the magnitude of string tension when the 'makes a 45 angle with the horizontal. oil :'~~sume that the mechanical energy of the ;tmi mass is conserved (neglect possible losses), ~t this consists of kinetic and gravitational )alenergy. At point 1 where the mass is iUl = mgYI and Kl = 0, while after a 45 In FIGURE 8-46 Problem 70. : Solution The forces, initial conditions, and trajectory of the particle in this problem are completely analogous to those in the previous problem, as can be seen from a comparison of Figures 8-45 and 46. The answers are also analogous, with N replacing T and R replacing . Problem 71. A particle slides back and forth in a frictionless bowl whose height is given by h(x) = 0.18x2, where x and hare both in meters. If the particle's maximum speed...
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