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Lkmgx mvl iiperiinent where yon attal1 the mass

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Unformatted text preview: Yb - Ya) 2 (1.5 kg)(9.8 m/s H[J(20 cm)2 + (5.5 cm)2 - 20 em) = 54.6 mJ. = ~tic potential energy of the spring is ~ ky2, ~vitational potential energy, relative to the height, is -mgy. The total potential >(y) ~ky2...,. mgy. (b) The minimum of #ndby setting its derivative equal to zero, Wy~mg = 0, or Yo = mg/k. Since Fy = Yo is the position of equilibrium. (c) The {V} are y :;::0 and y = 2mg/k 2yo. If the ~leas~ from y 0 at rest (Ko = 0), the total 1{= 0, and the zeros of U(y) are the turning )ihe motion. = = = 20e;m.' r . r-I llL__ Problem 77 Solution. Problem 78. A bug lands on top of the frictionless, spherical head of a bald man. It begins to !'tUdedown the head (Fig. 8-47). Show that the bug leaves the head when it has dropped a vertical distance one-third the radius of the head. Problem 76 (1) Solution. Ii ;"<=0 Fe '/m ifh the ii;k !:jc)n Problem 76 (2) Solution. FIGURE 8-47 Problem 78. at is the minimum brick of Problem 9 standing on end, energy that can be given the to make it fall...
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