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C evidently 293x105 ms vi for xl 00 problem 74 at

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Unformatted text preview: height an the slope shauld a skier start '~t rest, in arder to. get through the rough patCh add came aut af it with a speed of 6.0 m/s? Problem 76. A mass m is attached to. a spring of constant k that is hanging from the ceiling. (a) Taking the zero. of potential energy with the spring in its narmalunstretchedpositian, derive an expressian far the total patential energy (gravitatianal plus spring) as a functian af distance y taken as pasitive downward~ (b) Find the point where the patential energy is a minhnum, and explain its significance. (el Find a second paint where the total potential energy is zero. Discuss its significance in terms af Solution This situatian is similar to. the previous prablem (if the taugh stretch is still level) but with KB= ~mv~ and VB = 6.0 m/s. Thus Wnc =-J.Lkmgx = ~mvl- /( :;Iiperiinent where yon .att.aL'1) the mass to the tched spring and let go. CHAPTER 8 141 {\.. . djjJe.rence between the answers to Problems 9(b) and 9(a), but recalculating, we find mg(...
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