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Unformatted text preview: s not emerge as electricity)? Solution If all the water fell through the same difference in height, the amount of gravitational potential energy released would be 6.U = mgti.y = (8.5x 109 kg) x (9.8 m/s2)(140 m) = 1.17xl013 J. The energy generated by the power plant at an average power output of 330 MW over an 8 h period is (330 MW) x (8x3600 s) = 9;50xlO12 J, so the fraction lost is (11.7 - 9.50)/11.7 = 18.5%. :::":', . kg block is launched up a 30 incline with '3.4 malong the incline, as shown in 7. Find (a) the change in the block's, energy; (b) the change in the block's ,:energyj (c) the work done by frictionj 'coefficient of kinetic friction. " Problem 54. A spring of constant k = 340 N/m is used to launch a 1.5-kg block along a horizontal surface whose coefficient of sliding fraction is 0.2'7. If the spring is compressed 18 em, how far does the block slide? raJ. speed of 6.4 m/s. It comes to a halt afteri Solution Suppose the block comes to rest at B, a,distance from its initial position at rest aga.inst...
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