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Unformatted text preview: ack and forth between the turning points, with maximum speed, either forward or backward,at th~ middle, x= 0.) experience a second turning point (between x= 2.0 m and 4.0 m, depending on energy). The fifth particle's motion is unbounded. Problem 42. Make an accurate potential energy curve, covering the region -8 m < x < 8 m, for potential e. ergy n 2 2 . 2 U::::::(ax2 ~ b)e-X Ie , where a = 1.5 Jim, b= 5.0 J, and e = 3.0m. Discuss the subsequent motion of I-kg particles starting from the origin and moving initially in the +x direction with total energies of -3 J, 1 J, and 4 J. Include the location of a.ny turning points. Determine also the speed of the highest.-enetgy particle vihen it is a great distance from the.origin. Problem 40. A particle with total energy3.5 J is frapPed in a potential well described by. u= 7. . 8:0x :-1.7x2, 11 where U is in joules and x m meters." Fmd Its turning points. Solution A particle in a one-dimensional potential well, which conserves mechanical...
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