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The one dimensional potential energy u x bx2 is given

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Unformatted text preview: he origin for b > 0 and away from the origin for b < O. (The former is called a restoring force. )i! !mv~ VB = V2(9.8 mjs2)(25 m)(! - 0.11 cot 32) = 20.1 mfs. When we repeat this argument for the motion between the top and the second level, we must include all the work done by friction, so I:!..KAC + I:!..UAc W"AB +Wf,BC. Therefore, Problem 48. A more accurate expression for the potential well in Fig. 8-18 than that provided in Example is U = 286(x - Xe)2 - 6,22xlOI2(X - xeV with Yin joules and x in meters. Find the force on the hydrogen atoms when they are 0.10 nm apart. = 8-7 vc = 2 V2(9.8 rn/s J163 rn '-(0.11)(25 =30.4 m/s. rn).cot32 - (0.11)(38 m)cot 200J Solution The force.along the line jOining the hydrogen atoms is Fx = -dU jdx = -2(286)(x - xe) + 3(6.22 x 1012) x (x- xe)2. For x - Xe (0.1- 0.0741) nm == 2.59x 10-11 m, the force is Fx (-1.48+ 1.25)xlO-8 N -2.32 oN. (The direction of the force is toward the equilibrium separation, xe.) (The alternate expression, gives...
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