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Pet Picture Gallery Requirements Specification BIS261 Ryan Bennett November 16, 2008 Page 1 of 8
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Pet Picture Gallery 1.0 Introduction The Short Beach Animal Care Center (SBACC) is an all-volunteer, non-profit animal shelter that exists to find homes for the dogs, cats and other domesticated animals lost within their area. They provide shelter, food and medical care to impounded animals, and an adoption service to allow area residents to adopt animals from the Care Center. SBACC is a “no-kill” shelter, which means their policy is to retain all adoptable animals for as long as necessary until they are adopted. This is in contrast to the policies of most government-operated shelters, which routinely euthanize animals if they are not claimed or adopted within a few days. Because of this “no-kill” policy, it is critical to SBACC to encourage adoption of all animals. I have been assigned to write the requirements specification document for the Pet Picture Gallery portion of the expanded web site. 2.1 System Overview SBACC has a basic web site that is maintained by a volunteer. It provides basic contact information and hours for the shelter, and shows a picture and description of one featured "Pet of the Month." Response to the "Pet of the Month" feature has been good, and SBACC would now like to expand its Web site to include an online gallery with pictures and descriptions of all its animals available for adoption. SBACC currently has a database, SQL, where they keep the information on the animals. The database has the animal's name, age, gender, description but will not be able to handle if pictures are added to the system. SBACC will have to upgrade their server in order to have the animal's name, age, gender, description, and picture that will load quickly. The goals of our system are: 1. To increase the visibility of the animals so more of them can be adopted 2. Have the pictures to be prominent 3. A separate page for dogs, cats, and miscellaneous 4. Provide a way for new customers to email us 5. Prominent link to the adoption page from main web page 6. Easy to use user face, needs to be obvious how to get from page to page 7. Make sure people know what the process is, and what they need to pay for 8. Pictures of new animals need to show up as soon as they are entered 9. Have animal's name, age, gender, and description with the picture beside it. 10. Have a cartoon of a dog or a cat icon and a little house for the home page that are displayed at the top and bottom of the page 2.2 Customers Individuals that come to SBACC web site looking to adopt an animal will be able to choose from 56 dogs, 27 cats, 6 birds, 2 turtles, 4 rabbits and a ferret. With the new system, they can see what is new and available. After that, the customer will be able to send an email to get the process ready for the adoption.
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