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Acme Jewelry Company Requirements Specification By Group A BIS261 Ryan Bennett November 28, 2008 Page 1 of 5
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1.0 Introduction Acme Jewelry Company is a successful Midwestern jewelry retailer of medium priced items. Acme Jewelry Company currently has stores in six metropolitan areas and operates under a bricks and mortar business model. All stores are located in large shopping malls and carry the same merchandise. Approximately 500 items are available for sale in each retail location. Central warehousing is maintained in one of the larger cities and supplies all the retail stores warehousing needs. Acme Jewelry lines include women's lines for necklaces, earrings and bracelets in the range of $50 - $200 price range. Management has committed to enhancing its marketing channels to include an internet based distribution channel to the public. This eCommerce application is their first endeavor into web based information system applications and this is what our group project is. Unfortunately, not all stakeholders were able to take part in our first JAD session. The other stakeholders are Lissette Barreras and Rhonda Wright. They did speak briefly at one JAD session but never submitted their requirements for this project. We must still move on with or without the participation of all the stakeholders. 2.1 System Overview Acme Jewelry Company has a basic web site that is maintained by the Senior Business Systems Analyst. It provides basic company contact information, products, product information, and inventory. Acme Jewelry Company would now like to expand its Web site to include an online gallery with pictures and descriptions of all its jewelry available for purchase. Acme Jewelry Company currently has a database, SQL, where they keep the information for the basic information they provide to the public. The database has names for employees, followed by their job description, what type of products the company sells at their retail stores, and basic company information. Acme Jewelry Company will have to upgrade their server in order to have an online catalog that will allow customers to go online, view, compare products, and purchase the jewelry. On the company’s part for the upgrade of the web site is they will need to be
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w5_ilab - Acme Jewelry Company Requirements Specification...

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