First Love - I worked in a cafeteria that was inside of a...

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I worked in a cafeteria that was inside of a factory. Our only customers were the employees of the factory. I had been working there for a while, so I knew pretty much everybody. Then one day I noticed a Spanish guy walking by the cafeteria. I knew he was new because I had never seen him before that day. This was the first time in my life I saw perfection. As I watched him walk by and on down the hallway I noticed he was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, jet black hair that was shaved on the sides and put into a ponytail, he had huge brown that were in the shape of almonds, and he had the most beautiful skin color I have ever seen. I pay money going to tanning beds trying to get his beautiful caramel color skin, but I have never achieved it yet. It was love at first sight for me. After seeing this guy I wanted to come to work every day just to see him. I was in love with this guy and I had not even spoken one word to him yet. Every time he would come inside the cafeteria I would get so embarrassed and turn so red, people probably took my head for a tomato. So instead of talking to him when he came to pay for his food, I would just smile and thank him for his business, wish him a good day, and then watch him walk away. I was shy so I never had the nerve just to start a conversation with him. A few of my girlfriends at work knew I was secretly in love with this sexy Spanish guy, so they would try hard to get me to speak with him. But I never got the nerve to walk up and approach him. I just stood from a distance and watched. My friends Kelly and Tammy were talking to me through the gate of the closed cafeteria one Saturday afternoon, because the cafeteria closed early on Saturdays. As I counted my money and swept the floor, they would always come and talk to me until I was finished. That is when the same guy came running, then noticing the closed gate of the cafeteria, not knowing we closed early on Saturdays. That is when my two friends took things into their own hands. Both of them starting talking to him and teasing him by saying if he told us his name I would give him the leftover pizza I had. He then gave us the biggest smile that could have melted the sun. I told him to ignore them and went ahead and gave him the leftover pizza and a pop from the fountain machine. After that day he said hi to me every day. My crush on him grew
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First Love - I worked in a cafeteria that was inside of a...

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