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An instructor is an individual who takes part in the most crucial part in the growth of their students. The future of any student relies on the qualities and devotion of an instructor. The instructor creates an interest in students in order for them to develop, make progress, and accomplish goals they set for themselves. Instructors respect students who try hard even if they do not do well; likewise, students should respect instructors who try their best for superiority education. The most significant qualities of an instructor are that a good instructor tries constantly. Good instructors are constantly prepared to take chances. Instructors set impossible goals for themselves and then fight hard to accomplish them. Good instructors constantly have encouraging outlooks. Skeptical individuals regularly create a negative attitude in individuals mainly in students since they are in an inexperienced situation of growing and developing attitudes. Good instructors are rarely free for additional activities. As they are either hard- working organizing class preparations, grading papers, attempting to educate their students and if nothing else advocating students in subjects that have nothing to do with certain classes. Good instructors constantly try to give self-confidence to his or her students and encourage them. Once an instructor said to the class “The specific subject material I teach is less significant than that of what students discover by learning it.” All of us have had superior instructors and awful instructors as well, in our years of schooling. I thought back over the instructors I have loved over the years and why I loved them.
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Week_1_Expository_Essay - An instructor is an individual...

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