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Italian Business Etiquette - least two hours When serving...

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Italians likes to wear the best, man should wear dark suits and woman should wear an appropriate elegant suit or dress. For Italians is more important the way you dress than what you know (pg. 165). When handling business card, we need to do it in the first meeting, not in separate get together. Following this guideline considered a way of developing a rapport. Also, it is important to have the card translated in Italy in the back, and of course, in our language (Sabath, 1999) . Italians are very family oriented and they enjoy eating together as a family, also they take time to rest and stretch after eating. When you are invited to eat at an Italian house expect to be there at
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Unformatted text preview: least two hours. When serving yourself, follow them accordingly (Sabath, 1999) . They also move with their hand along with the words. “Offensive gestures are: Extending the index and little finger at someone means you wish the bad luck, placing your hand in your stomach means you dislike someone, two obscene hand gestures you should avoid are slapping your raised arm above the elbow and thumbing your nose (Sabath, 1999) Reference Sabath, A. M. (1999). International Business Etiquette. Europe: What You Need to Know to Conduct Business Abroad With Charm and Savvy. Franklin Lakes, NJ : The Career Press, 1999....
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