My Analytical - Memorandum To Nelly Aguilar CC Tiffany...

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Memorandum To: Nelly Aguilar CC: Tiffany Velasquez, Michael Doran, Heidi Peterson, Danny Ruiz, Ross Villar From: Shalimar Davis Date: 18:32:57 Re: The Communication Style of Italy Analytical Report Enclosed is the report about the culture of Italy and the effects of its culture on our business communications and sales materials. In this report, you will find information regarding the Italian culture, communication style and preferences. You will also find what the Italian culture finds important to them when conducting business such as the meaning of different colors, the role gender plays and what different hand gestures mean. Also included in this report you will be given other information about the Italian culture that will guide our decisions for our sales messages. For this project, we have had the full cooperation of the team and it is as follows: o Michael had two sources from the DeVry library and helped write the rough and final draft o Heidi had sources from external websites, wrote the Sales Recommendations section and helped proofread the document o Tiffany wrote the rough draft and final draft and helped proofread the document o Danny has had minimal participation, if that, in this project, he wrote two sentences in the Sales Recommendations section Ross had a source from the DeVry library o Shalimar wrote the memo, added the APA formatting and helped proofread the document The prospects of communicating with those in the Italian culture are very exciting and may be challenging at times. With the talented team that we have we can meet and exceed this challenge and make this a success. 1
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18:32:57 Memo Date: March 28, 2009 To: Mark Leese, Vice President of Marketing From: The Marketing Research Team Subject: Communication Recommendations for Italian Sales Campaign As you requested this report includes our research and recommendations for use in the upcoming Italian sales campaign. We have focused only on aspects of the Italian culture that will directly influence our sales department. We have researched many various academic sources on this topic. The best sources were summarized for use in this report by our team members, which include two web pages and three articles. Italian Culture
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This note was uploaded on 07/27/2009 for the course ENG 227 taught by Professor Aguilar during the Spring '09 term at DeVry Cincinnati.

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My Analytical - Memorandum To Nelly Aguilar CC Tiffany...

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