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Assig1Notes - herently a tricky problem to try to explain...

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MATH 135 Fall 2005 Notes on the Marking of Assignment 1 Total Number of Marks: 67 Overall, this Assignment was extremely well done. Congratulations! Virtually everybody handed the Assignment in, which is the way it should be – keep up the good work. One of the markers neglected to put the totals for each question on your papers (which they will normally do). The totals are: 1-12: 6; 1-22: 6; 1-34: 4; 1-38: 4; 1-42: 3; 1-44: 3; 1-46: 4; 1-50: 4; 1-52: 7; 1-56: 4; 1-62: 3; 1-72: 9; 1-77: 6; 1-82: 4. There were very few consistent errors which were made. One marker commented that in 1-52, some people did not put enough explanation.
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Unformatted text preview: herently a tricky problem to try to explain anyways. A couple of the markers commented that in 1-82, some just wrote down the answer without giv-ing any justification (ie. without showing steps in constructing truth table or something of this nature). Please have a look at the Solutions which are posted on the course Web site. Even if you did very well, it is worth checking these solutions out to see some possibly alternate ways of solving some of the problems....
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