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Michael Icaza 106659364 Section 9 LRC Circuits Purpose- To investigate the way an inductor effects current and voltage in a changing circuit.  Procedure- Described in the lab sheet Data-In this experiment, the graph’s maximum and minimum points were enough to plot the  slope of the dampened oscillation, and thus those points were all that were used. A sketch with  specifics can be seen in the lab notebook Conclusion Questions- 1-Sketched in lab notebook 2-Also plotted in the notebook 3-The slope is approximately -.04 volts/seconds
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Unformatted text preview: 4-The two values do agree, and this should be the case as inductance is a property of the geometry of the coil used, not of any external resistance or other circuit elements 5-This is sketched in the lab notebook 6-This value is approximately the same as before, when you calculate to remove the effects of the capacitor 7-The frequency became much higher, and this would be expected since the capacitor is adding oscillation to the circuit...
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