2.4.08 Econ 113 - New York Old netherlandsers at New...

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New York: Old netherlandsers at New Netherlands 1600s Golden Age of Dutch History. -Major commericial and naval power -Challenging England on the seas -3 major Anglo-dutch wars -Major colonial power (East Indies) New Netherlands New Netherlands founded in the Hundson River area (1623-1624) - Established by Dutch West india Company for wuick-profit fur trade o Company wouldn’t pay attention to the colony - Manhattan (New Amsterdam) o Purchased by Company for pennies per (22,000) acre. New Amsterdam harbor, 1939 - Company town run in interests of the stockholders - No interest in religious toleration, free speech, or democracy - Governors appointed by the company were autocratic - Religious dissenters against Dutch reformed Church (including Quakers) were persecuted - Local assembly with limited power to make laws established after repeated protests by colonists New Amsterdam, 1660 Characteristics: - Aristocratic patroonships (feudal estates granted to promoters who would settle 50 people on them) - Cosmopolitan diverse population with many different languages New Netherlands Becomes a British Royal Colony -Charles II granted New Netherlands’s land to his brother, the Duke of York, (before he controlled the area!)
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2.4.08 Econ 113 - New York Old netherlandsers at New...

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