hist 113 - 2. A selfless educated citizenry 3. elections...

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Washington’s headaches -Only 1/3 of the colonists were in favor of a war for independence (one third loyalists, and one third neutral) -State colony loyalties -Congress couldn’t tax to raise money for the continental army -Poor training until the arrival of Baron von Steuben Military Strategies Americans: -Attrition (The brits had a long supply line) -Guerilla tactics -Make an alliance with one of Britain’s enemies British: -Break the colonies in half by getting between the North and South -Blockade the ports to prevent the flow of goods and supplies from an ally -Divide and conquer Use the loyalists Shays’ Rebellion:1786-1787 -Daniel Shays -Western MA Small farmers angered by crushing debts and taxes Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation -A unicameral Congress (9 of 13 to pass a law) -13 of 13 to amend -Representatives were frequently absent -Could not tax or raise armies
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-no executive or judicial branch The Virtous republic 1.Gov gets its authority from the citizens
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A selfless educated citizenry 3. elections should be frequent 4. Govt. should guarantee individual rights and freedoms 5. Govts. Power should be limited. Checks and balances 6. The need for a written Constitution 7. E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one. 8. An important role for women raise good, virtuous citizens. (Republican womanhood.) Powerpoint Presentation: Consequences of American Revolution-Treaty of paris ended the Revolution-1783-Received all land east of Missippi and South of Great Lakes (Not Florida)-Bankruptcy-Shortage of currency, high taxes, nagging creditors, farm foreclosures, bankruptures-$11 million to foreigners (France)-$24 million to Americans who sold food, horses, etc.-First Bank-Chartered by Congress in 1791-Hamilton proposed the bank-Standard form of currency-Pay for war debt New Constitution-1787 Worldwide Influence-Helped inspire revolutions in Spains American colonies- Gave hope to others for hope and freedom...
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hist 113 - 2. A selfless educated citizenry 3. elections...

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