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Course Outline 243 S09 01 - 04-71-243-01 Human Resources...

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04-71-243-01 Human Resources Management General Information Class Meetings : Thursday, 1-3:50pm, Odette building, Room B02; Summer 2009 Instructor : Dr. Zhenzhong Ma Office Hours : Wed. 12-2pm or by appointment E-mail : Office : Odette Building, Room 455 Phone : 519-253-3000 ext. 4251 Secretary : Ms. May Nhan Contact : OB 405, ext. 3094 COURSE DESCRIPTION The management of human resources in any organization is often considered to be a difficult task. The difficulty stems primarily from the fact that people related problems are numerous and complex in nature. Management constantly faces people problems and needs to tackle them in the most effective approaches. In this course, we will study these problems and try to understand the principles of human resources management at workplace by exposing students to the theories, concepts, principles, and applications of human resources management. This course will be focused on the guiding principles in HR areas such as Staffing, Performance Evaluation, Training and Development, Reward Systems, and Labor Relations, with an emphasis on the critical link between business strategies and human resource policies and practices. LEARNING OBJECTIVES At the completion of this course, it is expected that students will be able to Define Human Resource Management and its roles in organizations. Describe and apply the integration of strategic business planning and human resource practices. Explain the influence of the legal context on HR policies, emphasizing the implications of failing to treat employees equitably. Experience an effective interview process using the behavioral description technique. Recognize and prevent the common errors in different interview approaches. Explain the process of orienting, socializing and training employees. Page 1 of 9
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Discuss the value and means of providing effective performance feedback. Demonstrate an understanding of the purpose of progressive discipline. Compare and contrast the different incentive compensation systems and apply major motivation theories. Explain the attributes of a safe and healthy work environment. Discuss employee relations, including unions and collective bargaining. Describe the career opportunities available in HR and the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the pursuit of a human resources management career. TEACHING APPROACH Learning about HRM should include both active, personal experience and general concepts or theories. Theories give you some general principles (conceptual framework) to understand and guide your own and others' behavior. But theories will remain as theories unless through your personal experiences you can test these theories in action. Thus the learning in this course will be not only conceptual but also experiential, with one supplementing the other. For every topic covered in this course, you will not only be required to read assigned textbook chapters before the class (for
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Course Outline 243 S09 01 - 04-71-243-01 Human Resources...

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