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Sheet1 Page 1 The MIX.EXE file is a self-extracting zip archive that contains all the files needed to run and complete the MKTMIX extra-credit exercise. Step 1: Download the file to a disk in drive A: by clicking on the "mix.exe" link. You will need to change the destination folder. Step 2: When downloading is completed, exit to DOS mode and switch to the A: drive. Step 3: From the A> prompt, type MIX.EXE to extract the archived files to the
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Unformatted text preview: disk in A: Step 4: (Optional) Once the files have been extracted, delete the MIX.EXE file since it is no longer needed. Step 5: From the A> prompt, type MKTMIX to execute the MKTMIX.BAT batch control file. This program begins your simulation exercise, including printing of explanation files. You should also print PAPER.TXT which gives details on the structure of the final paper to be handed in....
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