MKTMIX - @echo off cls ECHO. ECHO. ECHO. REM colory ECHO....

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@echo off cls ECHO. ECHO. ECHO. REM colory ECHO. :begin echo. echo. MKTMIX EXERCISE RUN CONTROL PROGRAM ECHO. ECHO This program will RUN the "MKTMIX" simulation as the first step ECHO of the MKTMIX model measurement exercise. echo. echo The MKTMIX.TXT file, which explains the nature of the exercise, will be echo displayed on your monitor next. (If you also want a printout, hit Y next.) echo. BATQUES Do you want a hardcopy printout of the MKTMIX.TXT file ([Y]/N)? $ if errorlevel 121 goto START if errorlevel 110 goto VIEW IF ERRORLEVEL 89 GOTO START IF ERRORLEVEL 78 GOTO VIEW goto :begin :start rem wants printout. .... copy mktmix.txt prn echo. rem echo .
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