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Cox 1 Jeff Cox Professor Finnegan English 112 14 May 2009 Egyptian Twenty Four Egyptian 24 is more then just a movie theatre, from the minute that you pull up outside and see the giant lit up columns that lead up to a masterfully constructed roof, the mood is set. You get out and approach this giant foreign biulding, the closer you come the bigger the columns seem to appear. After you reach the walkway towards the movie theatre you are greeted by a fairly large statue of some sort of dog and man combination. Often times there will be kids playing around the columns, jumping on the statues or frolicking in the perfectly trimmed bushes. The sliding doors fly open and you enter the Egyptian palace. The inside is full of columns covered with hieroglyphics and drawings. The place seems different and has the power to change your mood. The designers of this movie theatre chose an Egyptian theme which is embedded in every detail of the theatre. The most common element seems to be columns; all painted a very light sand color and engraved with hieroglyphics. Covering the floor is squares of a detailed dark red carpet outlined with marble. There is also a painting of the Nile River that runs along the floor and through the theatre. The ticket booth is accompanied by digital ticket dispensing machines hidden inside a few columns. The seats in the theatre are newly designed rocking seats with retractable armrests. The audio in all the theatres is digital and a few of the auditoriums have
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Cox 2 digital projectors. There is a sphinx statue about the size of a small car in the concessions area accessible after you have purchased a ticket. The whole place seems very well designed and attempts to recreate the experience of being inside an ancient Egyptian building. While looking at the structure it does appear to be made from genuine materials but on closer examination you can tell that everything was constructed using modern materials to mimic the look of old Egypt. Arundel Mills is a mall located in Hanover, Maryland the mall opened in November 2000. Egyptian 24 is part of this mall and was opened in December of 2000 by Muvico; a movie theatre company. Egyptian 24 was the one highest attended movie theatre: megaplex at the Arundel Mills mall in Maryland, the highest-attended cinema in North America. "In 2003, Arundel Mills attracted close to 3 million people," says DDG vice president James Andreone, who helms the Muvico design team. "Just
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coxResearch - Cox 1 Jeff Cox Professor Finnegan English 112...

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