Jeffrey Cox - The picture is black and white and the style...

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Jeffrey Cox The photograph contains five people that look like they are posing for a picture. There are three girls and two men. The two men are on the outside of the group. All the people in the picture are dressed up and it looks like they are at or just came from some kind of important event. The two people furthest to the left look like that are standing back further kind of separated from the group. The separated couple looks like they are in the middle of a conversation and neither is paying any attention to the picture being taken. Everyone in the picture looks over their thirties. The one man all the way on the right is looking down towards the floor, not paying any attention. The man looks like he’s laughing about something. The woman next to the man not paying any attention is staring off behind the camera.
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The walls in the background are all white and plain. The people don’t look like they are related and only the two women in the center look like they are even paying attention to the camera taking the picture.
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Unformatted text preview: The picture is black and white and the style of clothes leaves me to believe the picture is rather old; it was probably taken in the 50’s. The people look like they are at a social gathering maybe a dinner party or something. All the women are wearing corsages that the men probably gave them before the event, a tradition that people followed back around this time. The style of clothing is very traditional, the man furthest to the right isn’t wearing a regular type of tie it’s more like a ribbon. The people Look like they could all be involved in something maybe they are the head of some kind of organization and they are all posing for the picture. The picture is very simple but the group seems content and happy with their current situation. In the photograph the people are interacting and they look like they have all known each other before this picture was taken and a few of them could be related. This picture could have been a changing point in one of the characters lives....
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Jeffrey Cox - The picture is black and white and the style...

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