psy - Gender and Sexuality Sex is the biological divider...

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Gender and Sexuality Sex is the biological divider between males and females. Gender is a concept that divides femininity and masculinity. Gender identity: the psychological experience of being male or female is called gender identity. Transsexualism: A mismatch where one’s gender identity is inconsistent with one’s chromosomal and anatomic sex. Transvestitism: cross dressing for sexual arousal. Pedophilia: Sexual contact with children. Gender roles and differences and their (potential) causes Social-cognitive theory: Learning what others expect of you, emphasize observational learning and reinforcement in the development of gender-role behaviors. Gender-schema theory: What does it mean to be a boy or girl, emphasizes cognitive factors. Children form mental representations or shemas of masculinity and feminity. Biological approach: Evolutionary approach: Men are hunters women are nesters. Its how we have evolved over time. Evolutionary explanations for sexual behavior Mate selection: Women are always more selective because children are less a burden on a man then a woman. Males can have a lot more children than females. Relationship jealousy: Those who respond negatively to a mates infidelity would be more apt to prevent it and thus more likely to reproduce. Causes of homosexuality Freud: Over-identification with opposite sex parent Bem: Feelings of differentness become transformed into erotic attractions. Genetics Prenatal hormone exposure: hormones present in parent during development. Sexual response and behavior In Cultures where there is a need to increases the size of the population there is different behavior. Paraphilia: a disorder involving atypical or deviant patterns of sexual attraction.
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psy - Gender and Sexuality Sex is the biological divider...

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