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ResearMeth - 1 To determine if HappyDrug will relieve the...

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Jeffrey Cox Research Methods Part 1. 1. People that go to church tend to be elderly and physically fit. This is because more elderly people go to church and if they can go to church regularly they are more likely physically fit. 2. Kids left alone at home a lot are more likely to engage in delinquent behaviors and have a single parent. 3. People who move in together early and couples who get divorced are both couples who are not as serious about marriage. Part 2. a. The shows the children watched b. How aggressively the kids played c. If the researchers had known which show each child had watched it could have effected how they judged the aggressiveness of a child. a. The amount of notes the student received from the professor. b. The students score on the test. c. The teacher might be bias or students who tend to come in late would get less notes as well as knowing less to begin with. Part 3.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. To determine if HappyDrug will relieve the symptoms of depression. 2. The kind of pill the patients took. 3. If the patients felt signs of depression. 4. They switch between the sneaker group and other group. 5. The groups where divided based on the type of shoes worn by the patients,the sneaker group and other group where placed in different environments and one group was given ice cream which could affect there mood. Part 4. 1. Case study because a small amount of people need to be studied. 2. Survey must be used because a large amount of participants must be asked if they prefer the book. Jeffrey Cox Research Methods 3. Naturalistic observation would be used so you could just watch a group of children and not the amount of time each spent on the swings. 4. Experiment would be needed because you would have to manipulate who listened to music and who did not...
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ResearMeth - 1 To determine if HappyDrug will relieve the...

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