Month_Project - !516;s A SAU0PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS>%;

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!516;s A SAU0PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS>%; SCU0PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS>%; S+U0PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS>%; SJU0CLASSPATH=+%;%<EXTENSION_CLASSPATHS>\012CLASSPATH+=%<JGRASP_CLASSPATHS> %;\012CLASSPATH+=.%;\012PATH+=%<JAVA_BIN_DIR>%;\012PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS> %;\012Compile\012NOT_FOUND_MESSAGE==Make sure you have the full JDK (J2SE SDK or other), not just the JRE, installed.\\nThe J2SE SDK is available from\012Run_Applet +Debug_Applet\012ADD_APPLETVIEWER_CLASSPATH==Y\012 SOU0PATH+=%<JGRASP_PATHS>%; SPU0 s#i0 s#k0 s#j0 s#l0 !1568;d [\012 grasp [\012 legendy -32.5\012 legendx 0.0\012 version 1\012 winflags 0\012 height 446\012 width 549\012 wbp 0\012 initlayout 0\012 yoffs -5.416666666666664\012 xoffs -4.166666666666671\012 scale 2.4\012 args ""\012 otherflags 139\012 visflags 118423679\012 ]\012 directed 1\012 node [\012 ClassInfo [\012 fields "count\\011I\\011\\01110\\011\\011\\011Month\011monthNumber\\011I\\011\\0112\\011\\ 011\\011Month\011Month\\011()V\\011c\\0111\\011\\011\\011Month\011Month\\011(I)V\\0
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