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101 - school If a student has a question regarding anything...

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John Myers University 101 September 12, 2007 Classes in a high school environment differ greatly from those in a college environment. In high school class attendance is mandatory and if you failed to attend not only would your grades suffer but you would face consequences from the administration. Here at WVU, though professors highly recommend that you attend every class, it is not mandatory and you certainly will not be disciplined for it. Another large difference is the wide integration of the internet into every class. In college many tests and quizzes are completed over the internet. In addition to tests and quizzes you can view the lecture from class in text form on the internet. Nothing like this existed in my high school experience. This makes the process of grading incredibly more efficient because scores for assignments can be calculated instantly by a computer. Also communication over the internet is another aspect of college that is not common in high
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Unformatted text preview: school. If a student has a question regarding anything about a particular course they can simply e-mail their professor and almost always get a prompt reply. In high school you can go to after school tutoring sessions or pay for a private tutor. At WVU there are entire buildings devoted to helping students with their studies. This is a great resource that makes the huge increase in the workload a little more manageable. Other obvious differences between college classes and the classes we all took in high school is that in college class is not every day. At the collegiate level you may have class as few times as twice or once a week. The differences between college and high school are endless the environments are vastly different, this is why high school prepares you for college, but college prepares you for your career....
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