Student - { public String city; public String state; public

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/** * The Student class <class * for input of name, major, * city and state of a student> * @author Jeff Cox */ * public class Student { String stuName; StudentAddress stuAddress; String major; static int stuCount; public Student(String newName, String newCity, String newState, String newMajor) { stuName = newName; major = newMajor; stuAddress = new StudentAddress(newCity, newState); stuCount++; } public class StudentAddress
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Unformatted text preview: { public String city; public String state; public StudentAddress(String newCity, String newState) { city = newCity; state = newState; } } public String toString() { String str; str = &quot;Name: &quot; + stuName + &quot;\nMajor: &quot; + major + &quot;\nCity: &quot; + + &quot;\nState: &quot; + stuAddress.state; return str; } public static int stuCount() { return stuCount; } }...
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