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CS570 Analysis of Algorithms Spring 2008 Exam II Name: _____________________ Student ID: _________________ Maximum Received Problem 1 20 Problem 2 15 Problem 3 15 Problem 4 15 Problem 5 20 Problem 6 15 Total 100 Note: The exam is closed book closed notes.
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1) 20 pts Mark the following statements as TRUE , FALSE . No need to provide any justification. True [ TRUE/FALSE ] If all capacities in a network flow are rational numbers, then the maximum flow will be a rational number, if exist. False [ TRUE/FALSE ] The Ford-Fulkerson algorithm is based on the greedy approach. False [ TRUE/FALSE ] The main difference between divide and conquer and dynamic programming is that divide and conquer solves problems in a top-down manner whereas dynamic- programming does this bottom-up. False [ TRUE/FALSE ] The Ford-Fulkerson algorithm has a polynomial time complexity with respect to the input size. True [ TRUE/FALSE ] Given the Recurrence, T ( n ) = T ( n/ 2 ) + θ (1), the running time would be O (log( n
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CS70_Exam%202%20Spring%202008_Solution - CS570 Analysis of...

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