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Ballet - Lastly is the develope exercise in center Having...

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-1DNC 112C 3/27/08 Progress Report This is my second semester of ballet since high school and I can definitely feel an improvement. My flexibility’s almost back to 100%, my legs feel stronger, and I’m moving easier again. Our class is very unique and I enjoy our lessons, teacher, and the other students. I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and the gentle pace. I don’t feel rushed or like too much is expected of me. There is just enough challenge to keep me progressing without stressing out. Having a beautiful, excellent ballet teacher also gives me something to aspire to. The exercises we’ve kept the same throughout the semester are some of my favorite. The beginning warm up is fun and gives me a chance to wake up. Though we don’t do the leg stretch much anymore (where we hold our legs and stretch devant, a la seconde, and derriere), it is one of my favorites whenever we do.
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Unformatted text preview: Lastly is the develope exercise in center. Having to plie and turn into a la seconde or arabesque without dropping our legs is very hard, but very worth it! The first time we learned this exercise I couldn’t even keep my leg up. Eventually I could do the whole combination almost perfect. I think this is a good strengthening exercise. Also, thank you for the many practice combinations for pirouettes. They are well needed. Midterms were another great part of class. I really appreciated the personal feedback from you. I know it’s hard to correct and help every student in such a large class. Your comments really helped me and I hope I can apply them to my dancing. I am very happy with this semester and feel I am continuing to improve in my dancing....
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