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TEST 1 (Jan 30, 2009) Topics 1. (15 marks) Top 12 Reactions of Prototypical Carbonyl Containing Compounds (Names, Reagents and Products) 2. (5 marks) Identification of functional groups in biomolecules Molecules have been presented in lecture notes. Focus will be on carbonyl containing molecules. Note carbonyl can be masked as acetal, enol, hemiacetal. 3a. (4 marks) Identification of acidic sites on carbonyl containing compounds, drawing enol tautomers, calculation of degree of
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Unformatted text preview: unsaturation, drawing resonance forms of enolates. 1 b. (1 mark) Arranging compounds wrt. oxidation state. 4. (4 marks) Naming 2 simple carbonyl containing compounds. 5. (10 marks) Supplying missing reagents, products, starting materials. Reactions selected from Assignments in Lecture Notes. 6. (6 marks) Mechanism of Acetal formation or Hydrolysis. 7. (5 marks) Synthesis of Raspberry Ketone (Aldol lecture)....
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